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Full Color Scanning and Plotting Services

One of the other services LDC offers is full color scanning and plotting.  With our current equipment, LDC has the ability to create full color scans of anything that can be roll fed that is up to 36” wide and almost any length.  These images can be reduced, enlarged, or scanned to scale.

LDC can save this information in many formats including PDF.  LDC has performed this service for the Village of North Perry and for the Woodhawk Condominium Association (Mayfield) and created digital files of all their road, sewer, subdivision, and utility records. 

This has proved helpful to Zoning, Engineering, and/or Maintenance staff as they no longer need to sift through boxes of old paper/blue prints/linen records.  The new digital records can be kept in multiple locations or server based, preserving the original records from further deterioration. 

At the same time, we can create a cataloging system for these scanned records on a DVD or CD which can be easily searched by your staff.  The records can then be printed at a smaller scale (as your equipment allows) for multiple uses. 

We also have the capability to produce full color photographic quality plots, displays, or posters up to 36” wide and up to 150 ft long (the maximum paper roll size) from the scanned information or your PDF files.  If this is something you are interested in, please contact Bill Vondra or Rich Cantanzriti at LDC who can provide you with an estimated fee for these services.